How do we know that you serve Halal food?

As we announce in our restaurant that we use fresh chickens that are slain in Kuwait, and telling lies in this regard shall result in the legal closure of our branches, and we publish an official certificate from Poultry Company continuously.

Are you interested in using Nutrients?

Sure, we supply fresh meat and chicken, in addition to the baked foods, fresh vegetable from Kuwait daily, and we are also interested in using the Hardened oils and cholesterol free and we use the fresh mild in seasoning the foods, and we are very interested in the systems of sterilization, storing, cooling and the illegibility of the workers by the strict compliance with the standards of prevention and food safety.

What is your concept for Halal?

For us, it is the use of the animal products and its derivatives that are subject to  slaughter as per the Islamic law in an Islamic country  and from a credible department the subject to our control and we do not accept the animal products or its derivatives if they imported from non Muslim countries at all.
We are also interested in the practices of purity and the doctrine of the workers and the legal financial transactions, in seeking the verification of all aspects of Halal.

Why are your prices little bit high?

As we use fresh chicken that are slain daily in Kuwait and it price is triple the price of the imported chicken, that is used by the other companies and in some of the main types, it price is seven fold the frozen chicken, but we only work in the sector of Halal food, and we are very keen to use the best types of healthy and fresh food stuff, i.e. milk, vegetables and the packing materials for the protection of the health of our customers and to satisfy their tastes, and we will not change our policy in such directions.

What is the reason for delaying the preparation of the orders or the delivery service sometimes by the restaurant?

There are many reasons: they include the food processing needs more time than the other restaurants, as we cook our raw fresh food completely in the restaurant, and they are not partially cooked as in some other companies, in addition the fresh chicken or the fresh meat takes longer time than the frozen food due to the strength of its tissues.
Regarding the delivery service, after the  good cooking of the food orders, our drivers face continuous  traffic jamming in Kuwait streets, in particular the commercial and investment areas, in which the restaurants are located , and this causes delay in the delivery of the orders.

Is your food ready or pre cooked?

We do not have partially pre-cooked food, except the chicken nuggets, fried potatoes, while our foods remain unripe, and we cooked it completely in the restaurant and they are cooked upon request.
Why do not you broadcast songs in your restaurant like the other restaurants?
Songs are not a Special characteristic for all the restaurants, as many other companies do not use them to add quietness to the place, and we do not like songs as we are an Islamic mark company, and the issue of Halal is part of our message .

What is the secret of your distinguished taste?

The secret of our flavor is announced to all, as we use fresh chickens and meat with vegetables and high quality fresh local milk, in addition to the recipes of spices and cooking description, in which we did our best for the accuracy of completing it with the highest standards with direct Kuwaiti supervision.

What is the religion of the workers in the restaurants?

Most of them are Muslims from different countries, in addition to some Christian workers (Those who believe in the “Torah” or the “Gospel”), and we do not appoint any other employees.

Why does the delivery service not cover all the areas?

We have four branches and another branch for catering, and it is difficult for these few branches to cover all the areas of Kuwait, as some of them takes more than half an hour for delivery from our locations, and this makes us unable to provide our service to them.
But we are ambitious with God will to make future expansion and provide our service to the other areas in Kuwait in the different governorates.

Why the number of your branches is limited?

We are a Kuwaiti company that has been established by Kuwaiti young men with little capital and limited capabilities , but it has , thanks to God developed gradually and we have an ambitious expansion future plan , that we will be carried out and to achieve more spread.